Cartographer's Quest

Chapter 2. A cat that I know.

Aster – We came across a thing. So after the pit, we moved onto the next area. We found a secret wall, found a crack, and found a hallway, and then I absolutely failed at opening it.

We moved on. We went into the next room, saw some goblins, one sleeping. Through super ninja skills, I snuck up on the furthest one, and managed to make it across all the boards and took him out in one shot.

But they heard a noise from when Mort got found out by the Guard Lizard, and that’s when the battle began….duda dua dua uda dada.

Rendar – My character jumped off a 10 ft ledge, but got stuck in the dirt, and got beat on by a attack lizard who bit me, and a goblin with a pick axe, and he was beaten unconscious. He was moody about this, and kept to himself.
Mort – Dear journal I have come to find that the party is both adequate and yet lacking. The half-orc was ambushed and beaten into unconsciousness. I forced a goblin into a false-pact. We found a small antique, some kind of mask that gives boons to the stealthy. I have also obtained a holy symbol of battle of Bahamut. I hope it proves very useful, if only financial means. The half – orc likes my ale, and I shall fall asleep on an isolated platform.


Mor, falls asleep in his bedding, with a dread feeling his heritage may be getting too close for comfort. Having realized the age and antiquity of the rogue’s new mask, he believes history may repeat itself. But why should he bother to care? His ancestors dealings had ripped him and his kind from humanity. And if Humans decide to make their own follies, why should this hermit of a “goat boy” care?

Hmmmm, well at least if the mask is a bit reminiscent of old times, he can always pic up the pieces and move on. He managed to survive living in an area where the fey bleeds into the mortal, he is a descendant of ancient monarchs and nobility, and he won’t let something like this get in the way of his goals. Grandfather and Auntie didn’t let it get in the way, so why should he! besides she’s probably not half eladrin elf.

Chapter 2. A cat that I know.

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