Cartographer's Quest

Chapter 3. Stay out. Really.

Falling into an uneasy sleep, the party drifted off despite the watch system they put in place. In the middle of their rest, something came out of the cavern nearby, and dragged off Stek the Goblin.

Following the pool of blood, Aster put her new found Dark Vision powers to work and scouted the area. Mort and Rendar followed and popped a Sunrod.

This brought forth a horde of rats, but luckily the vast swarm was avoided, and they were dealt with.

Following the blood to a set of motled and decaying Bronze doors covered in mold, the party debated what course of action to take. Cracking open a door, and accidentally flooding the room with a backwash light from the sun-rod, they saw that it led down steep stairs, into a dingy and small cistern full of dirty water. The island in the center of this cistern was covered in bones and metal/ Glass goods. The Blood went down fungus covered steps, into the water.

Mort grabbed a giant rat corpse, and tied it to some rope, and decided to use it as bait. After the entire party failed to attach the rope to a stalagmite, Rendar agreed to act as anchor.

Quickly enough, the bait was snatched with great force, and Rendar was pulled forward. A quick save by Rendar allowed him to catch his body on the door and surrounding frame.

In doing so he noticed words written on the door that had been previously covered in mold…

“Stay out. Really

The ancient door buckled off it’s hinge, and he flunged down the slick staircase. The party follow suit. Mort attempted to blast the creature by following the rope… only to hit it, and immediately cause IT to surface.

A blue Slime burst through the water, spraying noxious fumes and acidic slime everywhere. It then began to drop hurt bombs on the party with a vicious acidic tentacle attack. The party fought back, but was quickly losing ground to the beast. Several vials of recently obtained alchemist’s fire were tossed with little effect. Stek’s half-digested corpse could be seen flickering inside the slime thanks to the Fire’s light.

Aster observed items on the island, and tried to see if she could find something to use in the battle. After failing to jump across, and falling into the water, she made her way onto the island where she found a magic shield, health potions, gold, and a vial of Alchemist’s frost. Rendar was busy distracting the creature, while Mort camped on the stairs like a panzy.

Aster threw the vial, and temporarily froze the creature, but was quickly beaten unconscious following that, and the acid damage from the strikes. (Someone’s going to be in serious need of a tailor by the end of this…) Rendar soon was beaten unconscious by the slime, and began to drown in the water.

Things looked grim. Aster failed her third revive roll, and Rendar was about to die as well, but strangely….

Aster’s new mask began to glow brightly, emitting silver/ blue light from the intricate silver work across the mask. Some of the cracks and chips in the mask repaired themselves, and with a flash, Aster was revived. With this revival brought a newfound power, the warlock spell Eyebite. Aster, possessed by a strange force, stood up, and attempted to attack the slime with the new power, but failed. Following this strange, magical resurrection, Morthos defeated the slime with a powerful spell. Following this death, the creature exploded in a wave of acid slime. Morthos dodged it handily, taking cover behind the remaining bronze door.

Aster proceeded to collapse back into unconsciousness, and Morthos revived the party. Collecting the treasure, they found half a map of the keep, and documents regarding some kind of slave trade, as well as a third, confusing letter that was meaningless without context. Noting the location of a secret room, the party found a room with a bedroll, food, and basic supplies for a day or two. Ensuring the door was secure, the party went to sleep.


((meant this to be here and not in chapter 2)) Mort, falls asleep in his bedding, with a dread feeling his heritage may be getting too close for comfort. Having realized the age and antiquity of the rogue’s new mask, he believes history may repeat itself. But why should he bother to care? His ancestors dealings had ripped him and his kind from humanity. And if Humans decide to make their own follies, why should this hermit of a “goat boy” care?

Hmmmm, well at least if the mask is a bit reminiscent of old times, he can always pic up the pieces and move on. He managed to survive living in an area where the fey bleeds into the mortal, he is a descendant of ancient monarchs and nobility, and he won’t let something like this get in the way of his goals. Grandfather and Auntie didn’t let it get in the way, so why should he! besides she’s probably not half eladrin elf.

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Chapter 3. Stay out. Really.

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