Cartographer's Quest

Gone, but not quite forgotten

After a parle with the ghost of Sir Keegan, the cursed paladin who watched over the keep, the party set out with renewed vigor to reach the lowest level of the keep and put a stop to Kalarel and his wicked scheme to open a portal into the Shadowfell.

As they made their way past the trap runes and towards the entrance to the lower levels, they found a hsecret room that was once an armory for the keep. They were met by a magical illusion and a cryptic riddle… that Morthos immediately solved (Much to the voice’s dissapointment and chagrin I imagine) and a new suit of +1 Leather (or was it hide?) armor appeared.

The party set off down to the stairs… only to then encounter a frightened Elf who came dashing up the stairs in a mad panic.



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