Cartographer's Quest

We can't stay here, this is Orcus Country.

Fully healed, and prepared for the coming trials, Montago and the party returned to the main entrance area, where he then unlocked the door with a secret magic password used by the Goblins. Aster had taken a liking to Splug, and kept a close eye on him. Morthos kept a burning eye on him as well.

They descended into the Darkness, and found themselves to be in a decrepit corridor. Aster quickly spotted a strange burning glyph etched into the floor of one corridor branch, but could not discern it’s true nature. Rocks were thrown at it, but to no result. Deciding to travel down a different branch, Montago tracked out towards what appeared to be a corner of some kind just visible at the edge of the candle light. Hearing unnerving noises in front of him, his posture froze and he harshly wispered for Rendar to toss him the Torch.

Rendar threw the torch, and Montago caught it, hefting it just in time to reveal…... the skulking forms of 8 undead humanoids. Calling out in surprise, the call to arms was quickly heard by the party, and they rushed forth to support Montago and do battle against the undead. Splug meanwhile tried to escape and head up the stairs, but was quickly caught by Aster and “leashed” with her Silk Rope.

After finishing the undead and taking a minor beating, the party decided to quickly advance into the next room lest further undead track them. Inside they found a Chapel of some kind, lined with large stone coffins. A atrange glowing blue-ish white light radiated down from the domed ceiling, depicting a mural of the Dragon God Bahamut. The party nervously advanced forward to investigate the far end of the room, while a strange clicking noise could be heard around them.

All at once the coffins opened, and 8 skeleton Warriors marched out to do battle, surrounding and separating the party. Grevious injuries were inflicted in just a short instance of the battle. Worse, after felling one of the undead creatures, they discovered that he was quickly replaced by skeletal reinforcements from the Stone Coffins. To top things off, several of the zombies they had just killed stumbled into the room, and quickly caused things to develop into a three way battle. Worse, the party saw no hope in sight for the Skeletons kept reinforcing themselves at every moment.

Leading the party at the start of the battle, and furthest into the room, Montago noted that a nearby alter was covered in strange scipt, which he recognized to be vaguely Draconic. After a strained session of shouting over the sound of combat, Aster was called up to decipher the words and see if there was any potential salvation from the skeletal threat.

Quickly translating the work, Aster discovered it to be a Prayer to the Platinum Dragon, indicating that to gain his favor you must merely invoke his prayer. Being hacked apart by Skeletons, the party quickly shouted at Aster to say the prayer.

With a burst of divine luminance, the Zombies crumbled into a heap of rotting flesh, while the skeletons ceased fighting, and marched back into their tombs.

The battle was over.



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