Delphina Moongem

A happy urban Elf


Delphina turned away from the forest of her elven roots to live an urban existence, if the rural hamlet of Winterhaven can truly be called such. She moved to Winterhaven several years ago seeming to flee from unpleasant circumstances. She chose not to talk about it in depth with the villagers, simply stating that there had been a strong disagreement with her family, and she came to Winterhaven to get a new perspective on life.

She is occasionally seen looking East towards the rising moon.

Delphina loves her adopted home very dearly and is happy to tell visitors about Winterhaven and the surrounding region. She collects wildflowers in the hills and forest clearings north of the village, and She can usually be found in the town square on Market Day selling them.

She was one of the first villagers to detect the presence of the dark priest Kalarel’s minions in the region, spotting goblins around the ruined keep visible in the foothills.

Delphina Moongem

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