Mysterious and dour Elf Ranger.


Ninaran is an Elf Ranger who arrived in Winterhaven about half a year ago during the first thaws of winter. She keeps mostly to herself, and dislike attempts by the villagers to probe her private life. Amongst the villagers she’s gained a reputation of being cold and aloof, and she does not often takes part in village activities or festivities. One night during the celebration of the spring planting she did become uncharacteristically personable, and seemed to enjoy herself. The villagers were surprised by this sudden albeit temporary change of heart and did not know quite what to make of it.

She heads in and out of Winterhaven regularly often vanishing for several days at a time only to return with furs and other scavenged materials that she sells in town to traders and residents. By all accounts she lives a quiet and modest life in the village, and while her personality may be less than endearing this same lifestyle has helped prevent her from gaining any enemies. To most of the village Ninaran simply “is”.

Ninaran isn’t overly fond of cats.


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