Scheming Priest of Orcus


The Players shoved him into a portal between the mortal realm and the quasi-afterlife. Bad things happened. Not to the player characters of course, I meant to Kalarel. Did I mention they were really painful? I guess I should probably mention that.

The PC’s don’t actually remember his name, and they didn’t care in the slightest about his motivation for opening the portal and his plot to destroy Winterhaven. Infact when they sit down around a fireplace to reminisce about their older adventures while drinking ale and spirits, their hazy (and probably then drunken) recollection of events would probably amount to conversations resembling something like this…

“Hey remember how we went to go make a map found that nut with the small army opening some kind of portal?”
“Yeah, man what was his deal?”
“Beats me.”
“We found some amazing treasure squirreled away down there.”
“And that neat hat.”
“Yeah I loved that hat.”
“That portal looked pretty painful.”

I’m sure the tortured remains of his spirit really miss the hat, and he’s probably understandably upset that his assailants don’t even remember his name.


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