Quarion Duskwalker

Eladrin Wizard, Foe-Killer


Quarion Duskwalker, Eladrin War Wizard, Foe-Hunter.

Quarion is an dour, intimidating, and fastidious individual whocarries himself with an air of seriousness. He is not one to be trifled with.

Quarion is an Eladrin Foe-Killer, part of a dedicated order of warriors and mages who serve as the vanguard of Eladrin society. They hunt the enemies of Mithrendir and the Eladrin people and extract a terrible revenge on anyone who would dare bring them harm. Their enemies range from Cyclops, Fomorians Orcs,Hags, Lamias, and the hated Drow. The Foe-Killers vary wildly in their tasks, associations, and missions. Individuals and small groups of Foe-Killers focus on gathering intelligence for the Eladrin, and selectively eliminating threats before they can grow in scale. Larger groups will gather to perform brutal preemptive strikes against their enemies, often travelling deep into the Feywild or the Underdark itself in search of their prey. Given their most common threats originate from the Underdark, almost all members having a basic level of familiarity with it, and understand its dangers.

Quarion himself is a bit of an enigma, having spoken little with the people of Fallcrest. Most exchanges entail monetary transactions, the request of basic services, or probes for local information. Quarion has offered no explanation for his presence in the city, and has vanished for days at a time only to return to the inn without saying a word. The people of Fallcrest have been more than willing to give the battle-scarred Eladrin a wide berth, though most are gracious enough for the coin he brings.

Quarion Duskwalker

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