Mort is a red haired Tiefling of the venerable (and cursed) blood of Bael Turath that cares for only one thing… namely his house. In protection of his most majestic of domiciles, Mort has sworn a blood vendetta against all Kobolds who he claims are a grave threat to the very foundation of his noble home (no joke!). As such Mort occasionally utters some threat of genocide to the reptilians, and seems to gleefully pursue every opportunity to unleash his wrath upon them.

Mort has taken a Fey pact with a strange entity as part of his quest to defend his home.

It’s a grand house. Really, a tip-top place. (a magic house! Can you believe such a thing? I’ve heard of magic swords, and magic boots, but a magic house? Truly a wondrous thing!)

Rod of Ruin – after the dark priest Kalarel was destroyed, Morthos found that he had left behind his weapon/ magical implement: The Rod of Ruin. It ripples with dark and nefarious power, and at times seems to resonate with the echoes of a malign intelligence.

Aster’s Rope – Rope he stole from the Helf.
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