The Keep on the Shadowfell

Long ago in the halcyon days of the Nerath Empire, some 200 years ago, a dark cult worshiping the demon prince Orcus performed a fel ritual in the remote Northlands at the fringe of the Empire. This dark ritual opened a portal to one of Orcus’s unholy Shadowfell sites, and served as a nexus from which he could flood the world with Skeletons, Ghouls, Zombies, and other foul creatures. Into the light of day his army of undeath marched forward, rampaging across the land.

The Human Empire of Nerath was quickly alerted to this menace, and dispatched a army of Legionnaires to destroy the threat. The Soldiers eliminated the undead army, and followed the steady trail of mindless thrall back to their source. Upon discovering the dark portal responsible for the undead incursion, the Legionnaires took control of the area, sealed the opening, and built a keep on top of it to watch over the location and contain the threat and prevent any future incursion through the portal. This keep became known in hushed whispers as the Keep on the Shadowfell.

After several decades of uneventful peace, the small mountainous village of Winterhaven was founded nearby to serve as a more suitable living location for the families of the Garrison. Following the collapse of the Nerath Empire, the Keep slowly fell into disrepair and was eventually abandoned by the descendants of the Garrison. It’s purpose long since forgotten, it stands as a silent testament to the people of the Empire. It now simply remains a mostly harmless monument of crumbling stone and wood to the population of Winterhaven.

If only that were true…

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The Keep on the Shadowfell

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