Welcome traveler to the Cartographer’s Guild

The world is a troubled. Dark things walk the land in abundance, sinister forces plot the downfall of gods and men, and the forces to resist these powers lie fractured amidst their own inner turmoil. It is a world where self-reliance is a valued trait, and caution a life skill. it is a world where more rots than is immediately clear…

After the collapse of the Nerath Empire, its people fell into chaos. Now the fractured remains of the Empire make a tangled web of dwarven mountain homes, bickering city states, undead vampire baronies, and lonely isolated villages in dire need of heroes.

But all is not lost. Amidst this darkness the light of civilization still shines in many places, and some groups seek to spread this radiance…. Dare you answer the call?

Take a look at the wiki. There is some more helpful info there pertaining to the campaign… It’s not much, but enjoy.

Cartographer's Quest

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